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John McCarthy - Executive Producer, President

John, who founded InterImage in 1997, has credits as writer/producer or supervising producer on 12 documentaries broadcast on A&E, The History Channel, and the National Geographic Channel.   He also has supervised production of two weekly half-hour medical news programs that aired on CNBC and has won a Midwest Emmy Award for investigative reporting.  

He has served as Supervising Producer for The Channel, the video wing of the biggest legal website in the United States.  John headed a national team of TV journalists who reported on topical legal issues.  

In the corporate realm he has produced several documentary/biography projects for the international law firm now known as SNR Denton.    His other corporate projects have included work for Novartis, Owens-Corning, Lowe’s, Kraft, and Daimler-Chrysler.     

John also has produced videos for a broad range of non-profit organizations, including those addressing the needs of underprivileged students, the medically uninsured, and people with special needs. He holds a B.A. from Northwestern University.