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Video: Against All Odds - Piano, Passion and Independence

Yerko Difonis is blind and nearly deaf. He is, somehow, a spectacular, award-winning pianist who plays both classical and jazz.

He is 17 years old.

His is a story of parents who sacrificed everything they owned for the love of their "special" son, then nurtured his uncompromising musical commitment. But his career of unlimited potential now is in jeopardy.

Phonak, the maker of some of the world's most sophisticated hearing instruments, commissioned InterImage to tell Yerko's story for an international conference of audiologists. Phonak has donated the two hearing instruments that allow him to hear the music that drives his life.

This piece is an example of a very creative use of video story-telling in the service of both a corporation and its charitable foundation. Phonak's international "Hear the World" Foundation ( currently is raising funds for Yerko.

Video Playlist

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02. Against All Odds: Piano, Passion and Independence
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