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Video: Building a Connected Community of Health

Allscripts is one of the leaders in bringing electronic health records to American health care. Eventually, the universal adoption of EHRs -- a key piece of the 2009 national health care reform act -- will allow for a truly coordinated health care system. They will not only allow health care providers anywhere to access the full medical history of any patient, but also will make our health care system more efficient and less expensive.

Allscripts wanted to show prospective clients how this can work. It chose to highlight the experience of one of its flagship clients -- the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, based on Long Island, NY. They asked InterImage, in a joint venture with Fresh Apple, to produce the video in a matter of days.

InterImage, faced with a dearth of b-roll, made it happen with some nifty editing and eye-catching graphics.

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